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Brian Reedy

Born in Alton, Illinois, and a Miami resident since 1994, Brian Reedy is best known for his whimsical and provocative imagery. Reedy’s woodcuts, drawings and paintings have been widely exhibited locally, nationally and internationally. His work has been purchased by countless private collectors, and is featured in the permanent collections of many universities throughout the United States.

In the tradition of printmakers such as Honore Daumier and Jose Guadalupe Posada, Reedy’s artwork portrays social satire in visual form. His graphic imagery is rife with animals and monsters that dominate the future society of a doomed human race. Reedy’s sensibility reflects a love for medieval art, but his style also displays a strong influence from comics and cartoons.

A sci-fi enthusiast, Reedy’s work often illustrates a post-apocalyptic world that is the product of current world issues. Often irreverent in tone, much of the humor in Reedy’s art is derived from internet memes and websites that display images of random silliness.

Reedy divides his time between making and teaching art. In 2007, he was awarded Teacher of the Year, and has been nominated an additional 3 times. Reedy finds the relationship between teaching and creating to be symbiotic, as his students’ creativity helps to fuel his own, and vice-versa. His work has been featured in international art fairs such as the Grammercy in New York, Bridge in Chicago, and Scope in Miami. A long time fixture in the Miami art scene, Reedy continues to make work that is both thought-provoking and fun-loving.

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